It All Started With Her

In 1950, Eldon "Lefty" Mitchell and his wife Novie opened their first store on 15th and Washington, pioneering the concept of the convenience store - quick access to everyday goods. Their innovative approach stood out from traditional grocery stores.

The name itself, Toot'n Totum, reflects this early interaction. Busy customers would "toot" their horns, and a friendly clerk would "tote" their order directly to the car, prioritizing convenience in a rapidly changing world.

Her Resilience

Tragedy struck in 1955 with Lefty's passing. Novie, displaying remarkable resilience, took the reins. Facing the challenge of raising two young children alone, she guided the company to continued success. Her unwavering determination became a cornerstone of Toot'n Totum's story.

Over the next seven decades, Toot'n Totum expanded across the Panhandle, adapting to evolving customer needs while holding fast to its core values: integrity, hard work, and exceptional service. This dedication to both tradition and progress secured Toot'n Totum's place as a beloved Texan institution.

Today, Toot'n Totum thrives, a testament to innovation and unwavering customer focus. The original concept has evolved into a network of stores offering a vast array of products, yet the core values established by Novie Mitchell remain. Every customer still experiences the warm and welcoming atmosphere that sets Toot'n Totum apart.