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Novie Mitchell

It all started with her.

In 1950, Eldon "Lefty" and Novie Mitchell established their first convenience store at the corner of 15th and Washington in Amarillo, Texas. By 1955, Novie became a widowed mother who had to provide for her two small children. Even after facing personal challenges, Novie's determination led the company to success.

For over 70 years, we've adapted to changing consumer needs without losing sight of what matters most: integrity, hard work, and exceptional service for every guest who walks through our doors. Come experience the tradition of excellence at Toot'n Totum!


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Toot'n Totum

How we got our name.

Back in the day, customers would drive up, toot their horns, and our friendly store clerks would tote their orders right to their cars. This unique service inspired our name, Toot'n Totum, and it's a tradition we're proud to carry on. Come visit us and experience the personal touch that sets us apart!